Our Place!

Alicia Stanley, Owner

All my life, I have always enjoyed staying at Bed & Breakfast Inns.  In my personal and professional travels, I have always chosen to stay at a Bed & Breakfast lodge whenever possible. Some have been in the country, others in the city.  B & B's offer what most travelers want when traveling....a place that has charm, warmth, and an invitation to relax,  a place that feels like home


     When the owner of this Bed & Breakfast cottage bought the property, she was searching for an area in Texas where she could retire, continue with her art form and continue to do what she most enjoys.......creating things.  In her early years, she had envisioned owning a B & B but gave the thought up for a more stable and secure job....FORWARD THIRTY YEARS!

Moving to Tyler was a totally new adventure.  She didn't have family or friends in the area, no doctors, didn't know much about Tyler, but she loved the area and what it had to offer...particularly at this time in her life. Unbeknownst to her, she was going into a whole new adventure in her life.

Searching for a home was not easy until she found a diamond in the rough......with an apartment on the property. Both the apartment and the home were in great need of repairs, but the owner saw this as a challenge and the opportunity to finally have her B & B, even if it was a tiny one.  Through many setbacks, hard work, and perseverance, she has managed to renovate and update the cottage....and finally, has her Bed & Breakfast.  She now lives on her property, although her home is in a perpetual state of renovation she is now looking forward to meeting new friends and exploring more of Tyler.

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